This is Bucharest under snow! Sometimes there is nothing more beautiful than a city that’s taken over by snow. And it helps having a very talented and dedicated photographer to take strolls at unusual hours and capture its beauty. So we are back home for a while now. We had nine amazing months around Asia, and shortly after our first article (our story) was published, we had to return! We[…]

Work away is a website that allows you to volunteer with a family or small organization in many different countries. For a few hours of daily work, you get free accommodation and sometimes meals. Many people see this as an ideal way of getting to know the real side of a foreign country. When they hear the term “volunteer”, many people immediately assume it’s about working with underprivileged children. Well,[…]

If you’re looking for a peaceful and quiet place, this is perfect among the dozens of Thai islands. Most people come here to recharge their batteries. There are many accommodation options, but few bars. A normal day on Ko Jum is split between lazing in hammocks, reading, swimming, chatting with local people, snorkeling, kayaking and exploring. What makes it different from Koh Phayam? Though it’s bigger and more populated, Ko[…]

So excited! Chantell Collins is a great adventurer and travel blogger, and although we haven’t met in person YET, we feel a strong connection and great respect! Let’s get to know her a little bit better! Chantell’s Bio Australian born horse rider and hula hooper, Chantell Collins is the founder and writer of budget travel website Adoration 4 Adventure. A late starter, Chantell went on her first plane at 21[…]

Are you a digital nomad? Do you want to become one? Do you have friends that are digital nomads or interested in the subject? Please read and share this article and answer the questions. I thought the subject is really interesting and I am very very curious to find out more things on how other digital nomads are doing it! Everybody has its own style. Where do our styles combine?

Ostello Bello Bagan, one of the coolest hostels we’ve stayed in lately! We usually do not book far in advance! After we landed in Yangon we left straight to Bagan without having decided where we’re going to stay in the next few days. After a brief research session in the bus, we chose Ostello Bello, without knowing the original Ostello Bello in Italy, which is famous and has received numerous[…]