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Ostello Bello Bagan, one of the coolest hostels we’ve stayed in lately!

We usually do not book far in advance! After we landed in Yangon we left straight to Bagan without having decided where we’re going to stay in the next few days. After a brief research session in the bus, we chose Ostello Bello, without knowing the original Ostello Bello in Italy, which is famous and has received numerous prizes.
A good hostel is more than just a cheap place to share a dorm room with strangers. It’s a place designed in such a way that it allows travelers to interact with each other in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere, while still having a good set of rules.

What we liked about Ostello Bello Bagan

– rooms and dorms are fairly spacious;
– beds and mattresses are very comfortable;
– dorm rooms have private bathroom;
– and AC;
– everything is super clean, the staff does an excellent job everyday.

Some pictures

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You’re encouraged to keep your shoes on right from the front door. Everywhere in Asia, you’re required to take your shoes off when visiting temples and sometimes even in hotels or guesthouses, but not here!
– friendly and helpful staff;
– cute signs with useful information and recommendations;


Free stuff

– coffee, tea, local hand made cigarettes free for all, all day;
– water refills;
– pasta: twice a day, everybody gets a bowl of spaghetti with chili, not enough to get you full, but still nice;
– free tours: you rent your own e-bike and join the free tour that starts in the morning. Of course you can explore the temples by yourself (which we highly recommend), but Chris (the local guide) is very friendly and nice and you can learn a few things about amazing Bagan.
– beds on the rooftop where you can sleep until check-in time, if you arrive early in the morning; showers and storage room also available;
– book exchange;
– maps, brochures, guides;
– breakfast included.


– fun stuff to do almost every night! Whether it’s bingo or movie night on the roof.
– If you’re a musician, you can play the guitar and entertain the guests in exchange for free accommodation. Just make sure you send them an email in advance.
– Happy Hour – 2 cocktails for the price of 1 between 7 and 9 P.M.
– The vibe of the place is really cool. Cool people, laid back atmosphere, it’s really easy to interact,
They get involved in the local community, helping out with development and cleaning projects. The staff is an interesting mix of locals and foreigners

What we didn’t like

 At first glance, prices seem a little high, but after spending 3 nights there, we can honestly say that they are fair.

We really don’t have anything to complain about, it was really fun! The best hostel we stayed in all around Asia and it definitely makes it in our top 3 hostels world wide (which we visited, obviously). Clean, clean, clean, the most important aspect. Second, the atmosphere. And it scores great on both! We liked it so much that we picked Ostello Bello in Mandalay as well, but that’s a different story.
Keep on rocking, Ostello Bello Bagan!
You can find them on Agoda, on their Facebook page and Instagram.

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