Understanding the life of a digital nomad

Are you a digital nomad? Do you want to become one? Do you have friends that are digital nomads or interested in the subject? Please read and share this article and answer the questions.

I thought the subject is really interesting and I am very very curious to find out more things on how other digital nomads are doing it! Everybody has its own style. Where do our styles combine?

A few days ago I received this message on LinkedIn.

Hi Simona-Elena,

I see that you are a digital nomad. I’m currently starting a company that focuses on digital nomads. I’m now doing some market research.
Could I ask you a few – simple – questions? It would really help me!

So after deciding to jump in and answer I thought that I would love to find out myself the answer to this questions, and also publish our answers, so that other people can access them easily. We receive quite a lot of questions on this matter, so here you go!

Where you live? (e.g. AirBnB, local room you rent)

Usually in hotels or hostels. We also volunteer during our travels using workaway.info . Sometimes we rent a bungalow on the beach or even manage beach resorts while the owners enjoy their vacations 🙂 . We also have different gigs online, our two travel blogs, vlogs and social media clients.

Where you work? (e.g. co-working place; in your apartment)

Anywhere. Apartment, coffee place, in a train, on a boat! 🙂 We hardly ever use co-working spaces, but we love hostels!

How do you currently find your accommodation, work-space and friends?

Through hostels and the nature of the things we do! If we volunteer, we do it in guest houses or hostels. Somehow, there are always people around, even when there aren’t that many!

How do digital nomads currently connect with/get in touch with each other?

There are so many discussions groups and other means of communication (instagram, pinterest etc), so it’s really easy to connect!

How many times a year do you move from place to place (on average)?

We’ve only been doing it for less than a year, so it’s hard to tell. We quit our jobs and started traveling long term in February and I guess you could say we moved a lot for a digital nomad couple. During this time we’ve lived in 6, Malaysia was the 7th country!

Are there certain websites to find:

-Group accommodation
– Group workspace
– Can you recommend me some group accommodations and co-working spaces?

I can recommend you Pura Vida in Bucharest and we’ve been around a lot of hostels that we can recommend. Lub D hostels are really nice, Ostello Bello, See you at Lili’s in Hanoi and many others.

How do you find your work? (via freelancing.com/upwork other?/nomadlist)

We prefer meeting potential clients before agreeing to work together. So we try to find opportunities that are close or if I have a really good feeling about the gig itself and the people!

I recommend upwork, and applying for jobs you find on the internet, but only if you believe in them. I think the digital nomads interviews are different, and also in this kind of field the “I like it” factor is really important! You’ve become a digital nomad to change the fact that you don’t love that much everything that you do. So it is important that you have a good vibe from the beginning.

Also, talk to people! There are a lot of great opportunities that you could miss just because you did not take that shot!

What are the top 3 problems/challenges digital nomads face?

The lack of constant work-flow, different schedule than the one that we were used to at the office (but it is just a matter of time until you find your own routine), managing different time-zones and many others that deserve a full article!

Are you a digital nomad? Do you want to help with this research? We are really curious to find out what are your answers to this questions! How do you do it? 


Thanks for the honest answers! The digital nomad life seems so romanticized it’s nice to see it broken down and real. I’m always concerned that working while travelling will take the fun out of travelling, but it seems like you’ve been able to combine the two!


Interesting! I thought it would be a real struggle to find enough work, but it seems like it’s out there if you’re willing to look. My son is a digital nomad and his biggest struggle are finding reliable wifi and the time differences. Thanks for the info.


It also depends on your skills! You can use them to work online or to find different places to work and learn new things, or a combination of both! Really cool to learn a new skill while traveling. Arghhh, I really really hate it when the wifi is bad and you have sooo much things to do and it also takes foreeeveer! Cheers for digital nomads!


Interesting read. As Kyla in the previous comment said – it’s nice to hear an honest opinion on the life as a digital nomad. I guess if I were a digital nomad, the lack of constant workflow would freak me out a little bit!


This is why we are careful in spending the money, even if we have them! Well, there are also a lot of things that somehow balance in the other way also – the freedom, nice landscapes, interesting people and tones others. In my opinion the life of a digital nomad is something between the life back home and stress and adventure, constantly!


That was very interesting. I’m a new blogger but still have full time job and just travel when I can. I didn’t realize how much work went into this lifestyle until recently. I have tons of respect for those who make it work! Keep on doing your thing?


Great article! I guess I never really thought about “living quarters” when you travel that much. I saw your answers said you stay in hotels and hostels. What the percentage ratio of those? I personally could see staying in hostels for short weekend stay but I think I would want a hotel room for longer.


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