Bucharest under snow! What a lovely sight!

This is Bucharest under snow!

Sometimes there is nothing more beautiful than a city that’s taken over by snow. And it helps having a very talented and dedicated photographer to take strolls at unusual hours and capture its beauty.

So we are back home for a while now. We had nine amazing months around Asia, and shortly after our first article (our story) was published, we had to return! We will be on our way soon. But we got the chance to witness this amazing and cold winter and Bucharest under snow.

Do you have Bucharest on your list of destinations? Romania maybe? Well, I hope that the photos below will convince you that you can take it into consideration! We are impressed!

Bucharest under snow by Dragos Asaftei

Dragos is young, but very talented! You can find his article with a lot more pictures here. This is the Facebook album and you can follow him on Instagram here!

And this is our city, covered with white, fluffy snow!

We admit that we are not the biggest fans of snow! There is a reason why we’ve been living and traveling around Asia, not Canada… But, when the snowflakes are like this, you have to dance in the snow!

And if the cold is too much, you have plenty of places to go inside! Bars, coffee shops (not like in Amsterdam), events and courses. You can find some cool things to do in Bucharest here.

Just enjoy the pictures then come Enjoy Bucharest!

This was just a short travel diary! Hope you like our city! Share the post with others if you do! Have you ever been to Bucharest / Romania? I am curious to find out how was it for you! What destinations do you have on your list for 2017?

Travel and love, love to travel!


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