Worst things that can happen when you travel!


During our 9 month trip in S-E Asia, we were unfortunate enough to experience 2 of what we consider to be the worst things that could happen to you while traveling.

So what do we think is the worst that could happen when you travel?

  • Getting sick or injured
  • Having all your money stolen
  • Losing your passport
  • Someone you love getting sick or injured back home

Getting sick or injured

We had a nasty motorbike accident in Pai, Thailand. We hit a pothole, fell and slid a couple of meters on the ground, with the bike on top of Alex’s foot. He got injured really bad, I was better. An ambulance arrived 20 minutes later and took us to the hospital, which we were not eager to visit because we didn’t really know what to expect.

Fortunately, they treated us well but still we had to come back everyday to have our wounds taken care of. After a few days it got better, but all this time we had nobody to help us. We didn’t have a car to drive to the hospital, the motorbike was a mess, and we could barely walk! We had nobody else to rely on but ourselves, and this is what we did!


 Having all your money stolen

We didn’t go through this one, and we hope we never will! If you have a story you would like to share about this, please do!

Someone at home getting sick or injured

From all of the above, the worst is still when someone dear gets injured and he or she is far away from you!

The same day we launched this blog, I got a phone call from my sister. She told me that our father has had an accident! That was the moment I really understood how it feels when the world just stops!

I was completely stunned for a few minutes and the first thing I did after I got out of shock was to search for return plane tickets! So after nine months, we had to make an urgent unplanned return back home. You can read our story here.

Now everything is fine, and we’re happy that in the end my father is O.K. But we had a few rocky months, with ups and downs!

The downside of traveling is that you are far away from the people you love. And you will miss a lot of things that happen back home – both the good ones and the bad ones.

We hope you never get to experience any of these situations! And if you did, we’re asking you to share your story!

On the happy side, after my father recovered, we moved from Bucharest to Timisoara! We’ve been busy babysitting Hostel Costel, while the owners follow our footsteps in the Northern part of Thailand and Laos. They’re going through the exact same places we did one year ago, so you could say we literally switched places. More stories on this really soon!

If you have plans to visit Timisoara, pay us a visit at the hostel and let’s share travel stories in our beautiful garden!

Travel & love, love to travel!


Ouch, that motorbike accident sounds really bad! And there’s literally nothing I can imagine that would be worse than getting a call that something bad had happened to a family member. That’s why I’m trying to spend so much more time at home these days, because you just never really know how much time we have together.


In my opinion, Losing passport is the worst thing , sometime if you are traveling to third world countries and you lost your passport , it can take days to get new passport or papers and that can delay your flights and onward plans.I think you should also mention some tips to handle such situations.


Good ideea, we might write another article with tips and tricks. We don’t consider loosing your passport THAT bad because although is a hassle to get another one, get out of the country / get back home, we know is possible. But it also depends on the situation and on the country that you are in!


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