Co-working and co-living spaces – Mokrin House, Serbia

Up until now, our coverage of the subject has been very brief, so it’s time to get a little more into it. After all, the freelancer and digital nomads communities are growing in Romania and people become more and more interested. And you know we like to be among the firsts who try cool new places, so today we’ll talk about co-living and co-working spaces, as we happen to be in one right now!

What is a co-working and co-living space?

The name says it all: it’s a place where people live and work on their projects, in a nice atmosphere, which helps them reach their highest levels of productivity, in a community of people with more or less the same interests.
So you have where to stay, eat, work, play and relax, all in one place! And you don’t need to worry about cleaning or anything like that. If you’re a digital nomad, you’ll most likely end up in a place like this at a certain point.

Why would I use such a place instead of a hostel/hotel?

Hotels can be dull and uninspiring, and often times in a hostel it’s harder to focus because people who stay at hostels are almost never there to work. The hostel life can get you distracted easily.
People who choose these places are usually freelancers who need to work in an office space from time to time. The idea is to separate work from any other distractions.

Why are such places worth it?

You must know that Mokrin House is the first co-working and co-living space we’ve ever been to. I used to think that places like this are fancy, well marketed, but too expensive. I mean, why would you pay 43 euros/night here and not at a hotel?
Well because, at least here, there are 3 meals a day included in the price so you don’t have to worry about where to eat next. You have the whole day to spend as you see fit in order to finish your projects! You decide how much you want or need to work, sleep and relax, everything is at your disposal: high speed internet, office space, nice rooms, swimming pool, etc.

What makes you productive?

I’m not even sure yet! But I love this place and I think it has everything I need to reach a good level of productivity. It depends on what kind of nomad you are and in what types of places you like to be. What makes you productive?
Often my productivity peaks just before deadline. For example, it’s 8:42 PM now, dinner is at 9. By then, I want to finish and prepare this article for tomorrow morning and after dinner just take another look at it. So all of a sudden inspiration hit me, after I procrastinated for about an hour.

Why wouldn’t I work from home?

In our experience, working from home isn’t always the best! Especially if home means an apartment in Bucharest. We tried it this winter, but being at home all the time drove us crazy. It’s also true that we often have a very messy schedule. Wake up at 11, eat breakfast at 3 PM, work all day and forget to take breaks from long sessions of looking into the computer screen. Highly inadvisable, we know.

Where did this trend come from?

There were estimates (can’t remember the source), that by 2020, over 65 million Americans will become freelancers or entrepreneurs. It’s getting more clear to me that people are sick of spending their days stuck inside their offices. We want to spend our “work-life” differently!

Mokrin House – video tour with subtitles

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