Kuang Si Waterfall could easily be one of the reasons to visit Laos! Yes! It’s that beautiful! I had seen many pictures of it on blogs and even in the phones of people who have been there and sometimes, when a lot of different people speak highly of one place, my expectations tend to drop, thinking it’s just another tourist trap. But I knew that this waterfall isn’t one of[…]

Or any other animal temples! I admit, I am very curious. Yes, I would like to pet the lions and tigers and especially their cubs, I won’t deny it. But I don’t do it! And in my opinion, everyone should think twice before visiting such a place. Because tigers have lost over 90% of their natural habitat. They are endangered and after 100 years of continuous decline, their number has[…]

Up until now, our coverage of the subject has been very brief, so it’s time to get a little more into it. After all, the freelancer and digital nomads communities are growing in Romania and people become more and more interested. And you know we like to be among the firsts who try cool new places, so today we’ll talk about co-living and co-working spaces, as we happen to be[…]

Beusnita waterfall

We spent a few days discovering river Nera’s Valley, a beautiful part of Romania in march 2017. When Alex told his grandparents that we’re going to Asia for a few months last year, their answer was: “Why do you need to go to Asia, have you seen all of Romania? Aren’t there any new places you can explore in your own country?”. I’m not going to go into details about[…]

Many times inspiration comes from where you least expect it! A few days ago we met Paul. Paul is one of the many people with inspiring stories we met along in our journey. But his story is special because it’s not just about another young man who decided to take on the world! Let me tell you a little bit about the place, his place. The island is called Ko[…]

Not sure how many of you tried this while traveling, but we love to exchange places with others and take care of their business (be it a small resort, a guest house or a hostel) while they go on vacation! We’ve done this twice in our life as full-time travelers, last year in the Philippines at Duli Beach Resort for 2 months, and now in Timisoara, at Hostel Costel. The[…]

This is Bucharest under snow! Sometimes there is nothing more beautiful than a city that’s taken over by snow. And it helps having a very talented and dedicated photographer to take strolls at unusual hours and capture its beauty. So we are back home for a while now. We had nine amazing months around Asia, and shortly after our first article (our story) was published, we had to return! We[…]

Work away is a website that allows you to volunteer with a family or small organization in many different countries. For a few hours of daily work, you get free accommodation and sometimes meals. Many people see this as an ideal way of getting to know the real side of a foreign country. When they hear the term “volunteer”, many people immediately assume it’s about working with underprivileged children. Well,[…]

If you’re looking for a peaceful and quiet place, this is perfect among the dozens of Thai islands. Most people come here to recharge their batteries. There are many accommodation options, but few bars. A normal day on Ko Jum is split between lazing in hammocks, reading, swimming, chatting with local people, snorkeling, kayaking and exploring. What makes it different from Koh Phayam? Though it’s bigger and more populated, Ko[…]