Our story

Alex and Simona and their quest in becoming full time digital nomads

We started traveling full time in February 2016 and we’ve been having an amazing life since then. We are Simona and Alex, two world travelers with a great desire to get to know the world better!

Both of us had this craving for exploring even before we met and became a couple! These voices in our heads kept telling us – go, explore, see as many sunrises and sunsets as you can, see the world, live on a beach for a while, discover jungles, tribes, meet new people every day, let your life be an amazing adventure!

If you ask us why we wanted this, well… we don’t have a standard answer. Because of all the amazing things listed above, because life is more than just sitting in a cubicle with barely seeing the light of the sun.
Because we love to be free and live each day as we want to, we love the beach, the heat, because in our heads we are Robinson Crusoe and Huckleberry Finns, eager to have a new adventure every day!

How we started traveling long term.

In 2015, in May, an excellent offer from Dubai to Manila came out. Both of us wanted to visit Palawan (the best island in the world second year in a row now) and 70 dollars for the round trip was “an offer we couldn’t refuse”. So the initial plan was a 3 weeks trip in the Philippines.

Until September, we waited for airlines to drop their prices for flights from Bucharest to Dubai. When the offer finally came out, for some reason we hesitated and decided to buy the tickets next day in the morning, even though I had already gotten halfway through the reservation process that night.

But Murphy’s laws always apply to the next day, prices of the tickets doubled… Oh, what a shame, and what a big argument we had! But the fight soon got an unexpected twist when the idea hit us: “Let’s stop spending money on return tickets! Let’s do it! Let’s go explore the world without a return ticket!”

We’d been thinking about doing it for quite some time, but somehow we were always hesitating in making the final step.

When did we leave?

Our tickets, bought in May 2015, were for February 2016. We had time from 18th of September – the date when we decided to buy just a one-way ticket until 13th of February to put everything in order!

We’ve been away from home since February 2016, had a ton of adventures, amazing experiences that changed us. We still don’t have a return ticket. No idea when or if we are going back! We dream about exploring South America and Africa as well. And Australia, and New Zealand, and Mongolia, and…. ah, there are so many places on our list!

Short update December 2017 – we had to return home for an emergency, visited a lot of Romania and administrated for a short while a Hostel in Timisoara.

We are now on the road again, exploring Central & South America!

Where have we been and where are we now?

After a brief stay in Dubai, we had 3 amazing weeks in Palawan, went around Thailand for two months, then explored Laos and fell in love with it’s raw beauty, Vietnam, went back to the Philippines where we had the chance to be managers of a very remote beach resort for two months, went back on the road and visited Myanmar for a month and now we are in Malaysia!

  • returned home and visited Romania and Europe
  • Now back on the road since October 2017
  • We are in Central and South America


We started saving up before the decision was made. We didn’t have a specific goal for it, it was our “just in case” fund (in case a new awesome opportunity shows up, for emergencies, stuff like that). We had all sorts of plans and dreams, which were never becoming a reality because, you know, life happens.

We never thought we were actually saving up to make our long life dream come true!

After the decision, September 2015, we started to be even more concious about our spendings and save up more and more, which wasn’t that hard to do, because we rarely had unnecesary expenses even before.

We call ourselves digital nomads. Alex does video editing, we manage and live off our Romanian travel blog and by doing freelancing work.

Work with us

We also work as Social Media Managers.

We both have marketing backgrounds, worked in top media agencies and TV networks, among other places.

If you are interested in collaborating with us you can contact us at one of the email adresses

contact [at] slothsontherun (dot) com

simona (at) lipa-lipa (dot) ro

or you can find us on our Social Media accounts.

As we go, we’ll give you more information about how we managed to do it, how all these experiences are changing us, tips and tricks about how to save money in order to travel or how to book cheap flights, travel guides for the places we’ve been and many more!

As always: Travel & love, love to travel!